iOS 8.1 is out! Apple Release note & Direct Download Link here!

Apple released iOS version 8.1 today! Apple iOS 8.1 includes some bug fixes and several other feature improvements. One major change is the comeback of shared camera roll. Read Apple’s official release notes here.

Photos includes new […]

APUS – Light & Speed! A cleaner faster launcher for Android

iOS and Android has it’s own pros and cons. No doubt. But there is one thing I always like in Android OS, customisability! It’s up to you that whether you want a user interface that looks like a […]

Moments Lets You Create Time Lapse and Stop Motion Movies With Just Few Taps!

Time lapse and stop motion movies have just begun to show up in our daily digital photography. For those who are confused, or don’t know exactly what are they, let me explain. In time lapse […]

Apple Keynote Summary: iOS 8.1, OS X 10.10, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iMac with Retina Display And Mac Mini

Apple just had their last Keynote of this year… And I have to say it, they did it with a bang. The most important updates would be iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 and iMac […]

Watch Google Ad on Introduction of Android 5.0 Lollipop!

Folks at Google, have got a better advertisement strategy. They don’t think like Samsung who seems to be missunderstood that they can get more consumers by making making Apple users feel like trash. Take a […]

About Everything Latest From Google

Yesterday (October 15th 2014) was a huge day for Google and Android. Android 5.0 finally got it’s dessert name we all were looking forward to, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player were announced. Let’s […]

Nexus 6 is not enough? HTC Nexus 9 is out as well!

Today Google announced another device as well, very quietly! Nexus 9! Google’s next pure Android tablet! HTC is the one who desgined Nexus 9, which should make HTC fans happy and proud. Nexus 9 has […]

Nexus 6 just got announced!

When iPhone and other major companies release their flagship devices with a bang, Google has just made a different step and released their next phone, very quietly! The release might be quiet, but the phone […]

Cycloramic: App that can turn your iPhone 360 degree!

Update: iPhone 6 users can download the app for free for a very limited time. Links can be found below.
Cycloramic is one hell of an app that every iPhone users must have…. It can take […]

Disk Diag: Superb Disk Cleaner For Mac!

Mac, unlike windows has a better file handling system. All thanks goes to Unix kernel. Which is why disk does not get fragmented and regardless of age a Mac continues to perform fast. However, there […]

Skype Qik: Video Messaging App From Skype

Skype just released a new app for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. A video chat app that allows you send a video of 5 seconds to your friends. You can use your phone number to […]

Like Free Apps? You Will Love AppsGoneFree

All of us like free apps. Some of us even have an aversion towards spending money online. At least I used to be like that. Even if it is $0.49 per license, I simply could […]

Elevate – Fun Brain Training App

World around us have changed a lot within the last decade. Almost every manual work we used to do is automated using computers or similar machines. One of my acquaintance, who is a doctor complained […]